“It all enters through the eyes” – that statement can be misleading. In fact, this alone makes most people think of design in terms of aesthetics, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Good design is about one thing, communication. You want to communicate to a particular audience and whether you realize it or not, this audience has its own visual language. Just like every country has a distinct spoken language, they have the visual counterpart as well.

Here’s a simple example: if you are ancient enough to remember record stores you will know that just based on the cover of the album you “knew” the type of music you were going to get. A pop album looked, well pop. A punk rock album however looked different, it was probably black and white (or some other two-tone combo) gritty, and you would never, ever think it was the latest work by Madonna. These designs communicated perfectly to their target audience; there’s no chance you would pick up the wrong genre. The same applies to absolutely every visual piece of information around you.

Think of styles as you would characters on a play; you cast the one that fits the story best, it really does not matter if we like them or not but whether they can communicate effectively.

So why choose electronic intermedia?

Three reasons. One, we specialize in just three niches (which really boil down to two): B2B SaaS tech companies, Marketing agencies, and e-commerce. Second, we research your audience up and down before starting to think about a design. Third, we don’t have a style, instead each project is approached individually and solved according to its needs.